Vibratory Roller Hire

Across the Whole of the UK



Red Bull Equipment are one of the most reputable providers of vibratory compactor hire in Southampton and across the UK.  

We use independent inspectors to grade all our compactors before being hired or sold, including the drum kits. This means that we can provide you with a completely unbiased report on the state and quality of the compactor that you're looking to hire from us for total transparency. 

We have dealt with self-drive used roller hire across a complete array of brands from Volvo to Hamm and to CAT. We also offer smooth roller or padfoot drum hire for majority of the models on our books. View the range but if you don't see the specific model of roller that you're looking for, get in touch with us as we might still have the exact roller and drum that you're looking for but haven't updated the website yet.

cat roller smooth drum hire
CAT Roller Compactor (Smooth)

When looking for a CAT vibratory roller on self-drive hire, it's important that you get power, efficiency and safety. Given that each of our compactors are independently inspected then we can guarantee (and prove!) this is what you'll get when renting the CS66B from Red Bull Equipment. 

padfoot drum roller hire uk
CAT Roller Compactor (Padfoot)

If you're in need of a padfoot roller compactor then we would recommend considering the CS66B from CAT. The brand is a popular choice for our self-drive hire customers. This model in partiuclar is a slightly lighter machine that still boasts a full width roller with equal power.

hamm roller compactor with padfoot
HAMM Roller Compactor (Padfoot)
H 13i P

The H13i with padfoot kit gives you the option to compact in vibration or oscillation mode which gives you complete versatility across your projects. This roller, which is currently at our depot in Southampton, provides perfect all-round visbility and hydrostatic steering to the benefit of any driver.

hamm roller compactor with smooth drum
HAMM Roller Compactor (Smooth)
H 13i

This HAMM smooth roller compactor is available for self-drive hire in Southampton and across the UK. Having been graded externally by an independent inspecition company, we can offer you complete transparency over the vibratory roller quality.