Used Plant Machinery Cost Effective and Reliable Solutions

In this current economic climate, few if any companies can afford the luxury of buying new plant machinery outright. Even in a buoyant economy, buying new machinery may not be the most effective use of money and the most economic solution often lies in buying used plant machinery.


The advantage of used plant machinery is naturally that the cost is significantly much lower than buying new, but the main benefit is that the design and technology behind modern plant machinery means that used plant is built to last.


Modern plant machinery is designed to work for long periods and those that believe that used plant machinery is of inferior quality should bury that misconception. Used machinery undergoes significant testing and preparation before being sold to ensure that all aspects are working.


The attention to detail and operational effectiveness in used plant is a response to two main areas that they must satisfy. Firstly, those engaged in the construction business are by and large a shrewd bunch who know how to negotiate and they will not out up with substandard machinery. Secondly, given the many health and safety regulations in the building and construction industry, all used plant will have to pass rigorous testing to protect the end users as well as delivering productivity to high standards in terms of compaction and the such.


The history of used plant is also very easy to track. Just like buying a second hand car, used plant comes with a log book that has all the relevant details as well as record of the hours the plant has been used for. Given that modern machinery is designed to have a huge operating range in terms of man hours, second hand plant not only costs a fraction of the original cost but comes with a long future secured in the construction industry.


High Quality Used Plant Machinery


Use plant machinery is available in many different categories including:-


  • Bulldozers - the powerhouse behind levelling ground and finishing off groundworks before building.


  • Excavators - heavy duty excavators, essential for digging foundations and moving large volumes of hardcore, soil and other building materials.


  • Motor Graders - finer used plant machinery for levelling ground to road surface and other standards.


  • Wheel Loaders - heavy lifting machinery for loading dump trucks and other earth moving machinery.


  • Attachments - essential add ons to diggers including rippers and different sized bucket attachments, all designed for a specific job in construction and road maintenance.


Red Bull Equipment - Used Plant Machinery Experts


Red Bull Equipment offer a large range of used plant machinery that comes with a detailed history and their operating record. For more information please call 01769 581 222.

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