Self Drive Hire

UK Heavy Plant & Bulldozer Self-Drive Hire Specialists

Red Bull Equipment have a range of bulldozers and rollers available for self-drive hire. Operating out of Birmingham and Southampton we cover the whole of the UK – providing machinery for self-drive hire on projects large and small. For further information including rates, please call Louis Gibbings on 01769 581222 or explore the options below.

Our Bulldozer Hire Range

CAT D6T LGP Track-Type Tractor
High Efficiency Dozing
244 HP
21382 KG

An automatic four-speed dozer that can offer you both the power you need to shift even the most severe of materials and the control you need for finishing. This model comes with a variable PAT blade which will leave you with the grade you need in a faster time. Available for self-drive hire.

Komatsu D65PX-17
S Tilt blade or PAT blade
205 HP
21500 KG

Choice of S Tilt or PAT blade. The long track, low ground pressure D65PX-17 with hydrostatic steering (HSS) gives the operator incredible control and grading ability, especially in soft or wet conditions. As with all machines available for self-drive hire through Red Bull Equipment, this bulldozer is in excellent condition and ready for projects of any size.

Komatsu D61PX-23
Optional 2D laser system.
168 HP
18660 KG

The low ground pressure D61PX-23 is fully hydrostatic and comes standard with a parallel link undercarriage system for long undercarriage live. The new hydrostatic transmission pump control technology improves efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% in Economy mode. Power mode is also available to push through the tough jobs, while still saving up to 10% in fuel consumption over the previous model. Available for self-drive hire. 

Komatsu D61PXI-23
168 HP
18660 KG

Komatsu D61PXI-23 - Intelligent Machine Control. Fully factory installed 3D Global Navigation Satellite System. Finish Grade Performance Enhanced sensor package and intelligent logic provides for finish grade accuracy in an integrated system without traditional blade mounted sensors. Available for self-drive hire. 

CAT D6N LGP Track-Type Tractor
Reliable & Durable Dozer
170 HP
17380 KG

The D6T has the pushing power you want for heavy dozing applications and the fine control you need for finish grading – all in one easy-to-transport machine. Improved fuel economy and efficient use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) gives you excellent overall fluid efficiency.

Topcon 2D Laser Control
Easy, Automatic & Effective
Works on flat planes & slopes.
Accurate to <10mm

The Topcon 2D system is ideally suited to work on planes and slopes using an external point of reference (stringlinr, curb or laser). It uses one or more of the sensing technologies: slope, rotation, sonic or laser. A 2D laser system can transform the accuracy of your project - available for hire UK-wide.

125 HP
13467 KG

Cat C7.1 ACER T engine gives you reliable power and best-in-class fuel efficiency. A wider blade gets more work done in fewer passes. Available for self drive hire

Komatsu D51PX-22
PAT blade
130 HP
13,100 KG

The D51PX-22 incorporates Komatsu’s super-slant nose design. Komatsu’s innovative design provides excellent blade visibility for improved machine control and increased efficiency and productivity. Available for project hire across the UK. Unrivaled blade visibility.

Komatsu D39PX-23
105 HP
9831 KG

Fine grading. It requires a stable platform, precise and responsive hydraulics and easy to operate operator controls. The D39PX-23 scores top marks in all of those categories. The super slant nose design moves the coolers and hydraulic fan to the rear and the operator forward to create a balance that makes fine grading a snap. With its wide track, the D39PX-23 has a big, stable platform to work the blade off of, essential for fine grading. This bulldozer is available for hire.

Option of padfoot kit
157 HP
12360 kg

Comfortable and ergonomic operator station features pivoting seat with integrated multifunction LCD display and control console, outstanding visibility to the front and rear of machine, low sound levels and vibration for greater operator comfort and productivity.

HAMM H13I ( Padfoot )
154 bhp
28351.5 lb

Excellent hill climbing capabilities, Hydro static steering, Good all round visibilty from the drivers seat and a clear display.

HAMM H13I ( Smooth Drum )
154 bhp
28351.5 lb

Excellent hill climbing capabilities, Hydro static steering, Good all round visibilty from the drivers seat and a clear display.