Volvo G930 motorgrader

Volvo G930
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Volvo G930 Volvo G930 Volvo G930 Volvo G930
Machine Key Details
Make: Volvo
Model: G930
Stock No: 10050
Year: 2007
Hours: 3170

Inspection Report

Inspected by an independent plant service and repair company.

General Condition

Overall condition: Good overall condition,
Are there any Cracks or Wields: None


Engine model D7E - GCES
Any blow by? None
oil or fuel leaks No apparent leaks
General engine running condition Runs great, no smoke or unusual motor noise.

Drive Train

Transmission Works correctly - shifts forward and reverse in all gears.
Torque converter Works correctly - shifts into gears properly - no slippage
Front axle Good condition - no wear - good bearings and steering posts.
Differential rear Good condition - no leaks - pulls good no noises.
Final drives No problems
General condition Good shape


Pumps Work good, no problems
Hydraulic motors Work properly no leaks
Valves Work fine, no problems
Hydraulic tank Good condition, no leaks
Hoses A few hydraulic lines are wet in center section but not dripping
Cylinders All look good.
Auxillary Hyds All good, operate smooth
General running condition of hyds No problems


Lights All work except top left front and rear spot lights
Wipers Both front and back work
Seat belt Good
Heater Blower works but does not get hot
AC Works perfect
Seat condition Perfect
Floor mat condition No wear or tear
Volvo G930
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Volvo G930


Blade measurements 12 feet x 2 feet
Cutting edges condition Edges are a little worn down.
Linkage on back of blade All good
Turntable and drive sprocket, are there shimms Works good and does have shimms.
General blade condition Blade functions properly, cutting edges has some wear.
Volvo G930
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Volvo G930 Volvo G930


Scarifier, number of tines None - no tines
Wear in mounting pins on scarifier None
General condition of scrarifier Good unit, no tines
Volvo G930
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Volvo G930

Panels & Paint/Decals

Any damage to panels Panels good, no dents just scratches.
Paint condition Fair condition, little faded and scratches.


Tyre size 17.5 R25
L/H front 80% good - small side wall cuts
R/H front 80% - small side wall cuts
L/H Rear front 60% - Small cuts and chunks missing in tread.
R/H Rear front 60% - In good shape
L/H Rear back 60% - Good shape
R/H Rear back 60% good - No damage to tyre in good shape.