Why Use Intelligent Machine Control (IMC)?

Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) is the genius technological revolution that allows for the fully automated operation of bulldozers. IMC is fast, efficient, and means you can operate a dozer without a skilled bulldozer operator on your team.

The Benefits of Intelligent Machine Control…

There are loads of great benefits to using a dozer with IMC. Any bulldozer boasting intelligent control is phenomenally easy to use and has several great benefits:

Saving Time

Setting up in the morning is an absolute breeze with IMC. There’s essentially nothing to do. No cables or connections to contend with, no maths, your operator can simply hop in their dozer and be on their way.

There's also no tear-down on a bulldozer with IMC, so there’s no time wasted morning and night, setting the equipment up, taking it back down again, then setting it up again. Instead, everything is integrated into the system, making it a lot easier to use, and far less likely components will get lost or stolen.

Improved Health And Safety

IMC also eliminates a lot of health and safety issues, as there’s no need to climb on the machine and hookup antennas and wires. Given the ease with which workers can slip and fall doing this (especially in winter), it’s a huge bonus.

Instantly Skilled Dozer Drivers

IMC is perfect for people looking to hire bulldozers, as complicated excavations can be completed by any driver, almost regardless of skill level, provided the dozer hired has Intelligent Machine Control.

When you’re working with drivers who have little experience, you can instantly create skilled drivers simply by putting them behind the controls of a dozer with IMC. This can easily double the efficiency and capabilities of your driver over the course of a day, and means you have all the benefits of a bulldozer, without the need to hire a specially skilled operator.

Highly Efficient Operators

This is doubly true for drivers who already have a lot of dozer experience. Although unskilled drivers can work an IMC dozer with great proficiency, the more skilled the driver the more they will get out of the system. Drivers with experience as an operator are similarly ‘upgraded’ in their skill-sets to become highly efficient in their operating abilities.

Even if you’re a highly skilled and proficient dozer operator, IMC will make you even better!

The Best On The Market

At Red Bull, we offer the best of the best in terms of Intelligent Machine Control. We’ve tested various pieces of 2D and 3D dozer control equipment, and what we provide is simply the best we’ve found anywhere.

Get in touch now to hire your intelligent bulldozer, and change the way you run your business...

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