Why Hire A Bulldozer?

There are a lot of great reasons to hire a bulldozer. With the UK suffering a shortage of skilled drivers, the ability to hire a self-drive bulldozer, as and when you need it, is incredibly useful.

Renting a dozer is the ideal fix for seasonal work and quick jobs, mitigating the costs of purchasing, maintaining, and storing a bulldozer that is only going to be used sporadically. It’s also a great way to test-run a bulldozer you’re thinking of buying.

Businesses and individuals choose to hire a bulldozer for a variety of reasons, here are the top three...

The Benefits of Advanced Technology...

Bulldozer hire has a lot of technical advantages, affording you the opportunity to utilise the latest in advanced technologies, such as Intelligent Machine Control, without the significant capital outlay required to update tech you own.

Technological advances also bring enhanced accuracy to your work, which has the added benefit of saving you time and the costs associated with wasting materials. For example, advanced tech prevents the accidental removal of too much topsoil, which in turn prevents you from wasting extra tarmac.

“Even a few centimeters of inaccuracy over a mile-long stretch of road adds up to a lot of wasted materials. Intelligent bulldozers can end up almost paying for themselves with the project costs they save.”

- Louis Gibbings, Director @ Red Bull Equipment

Bulldozer Hire Provides Flexibility...

Hiring equipment brings a lot more flexibility to your business. This is particularly essential at times of economic and political uncertainty, as it grants you all the benefits of a top-notch bulldozer without the need to tie up your capital.

When you’re hiring equipment you also have the ability to pick and choose exactly which bulldozer you use for each job. There’s no need to make one machine work for every situation, you can simply hire the specific bulldozer you require, for the length of time you need it. This ensures you always have the perfect machine for the job, whatever the job may be.

In addition, the responsibility for a broken machine rests on someone else - the machine you’re using will always be in tip-top condition, and in the unlikely event a bulldozer you have hired breaks down, it will be swiftly replaced, causing minimal disruption.

Hiring A Bulldozer Has Financial Benefits...

Without a doubt one of the main benefits of bulldozer hire is the financial freedom that comes with renting your equipment. With new, mid-level bulldozers carrying price tags of £240K or more, the cost of renting can save you a sizeable chunk of cash. This is especially true if you only require the use of a bulldozer sporadically, seasonally, or for relatively small, specific aspects of otherwise large jobs.

Hiring your bulldozer means there’s no need to absorb the costs that come with maintenance, purchasing new parts, or repairing and servicing the machine. There are no depreciation costs or storage costs, and your equipment will always be in perfect working order.

If you’re looking to purchase, or lease a machine on a long term basis, renting a bulldozer is a great first step. It allows you to give the machine you’re considering buying a thorough test drive and determine if it will be worth the investment. You can find the perfect machine for your purposes at minimal cost, and ensure you have found the ideal bulldozer before committing to a purchase or long-term lease.

Looking To Hire A Bulldozer?

So why hire a bulldozer? Technology, Flexibility, Money. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re looking to hire a bulldozer in the UK, please get in touch. We’re happy to talk through your requirements and give you an accurate quote.

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