What is Intelligent Machine Control (IMC)?

Intelligent machine control, or IMC, allows a machine to perform operations automatically. Komatsu introduced the revolutionary system to the world of bulldozers and now have several dozers enhanced with IMC systems.

Why Are IMC Bulldozers Better Than Standard Dozers?

These state of the art bulldozers allow operations to be automated. Whether you’re doing heavy dozing work or fine grading, IMC allows you to achieve up to 8% greater efficiency when it comes to moving material.

At the same time, intelligent machine control ensures operators never need to climb across dozer blades to remove or install GNSS antennas, because there are no blade-mounted sensors or components. Also, IMC bulldozers lack coiled cables, which easily snag, as well as electrical connections, which lead to shifts suffering from slow beginnings and ends.

How Does Intelligent Machine Control Work?

Intelligent machine control begins with a CAD (computer-aided design) file that is uploaded in a dozer’s cab to its Topcon laser system. By using a base station as a reference point, the system can calculate the exact location and height of the bulldozer.

The IMC system then compares the design that’s been uploaded to the real-world position of the blades, as well as the incline. It makes constant corrections for the machine’s hydraulics, guiding the cross-slope and elevation of the blades.

The operator has an overview on their in-cab monitor to check the alignments, design surfaces, GNSS status, and grades. Using this information they can decide exactly where they need to drive, and how much material remaining needs moving.

A handy push-button is included on the blade’s control lever, allowing the operator to switch from automatic to manual modes and back with ease.

Intelligent Machine Control In Action...

One of the major differences in using an IMC dozer is that the machine’s ability to adjust the blades virtually eliminates track slippage. It’s possible to level an area from ten foot to grade without experiencing slippage on the tracks.

The process can also be fully automated, allowing for enhanced accuracy, while the IMC system improves efficiency. The blade reacts almost instantly, rising to prevent the tracks spinning, as soon as your machine has started loading. This leads to less wear to the undercarriage and reduces surface tear up. It also improves your fuel efficiency.

You can check out a video of a Komatsu intelligent machine in action on our IMC page right here.

The Benefits of Intelligent Machine Control...

IMC ensures your dozer is incredibly accurate, allowing you to save a massive amount of time (especially when doing your final grading), and reducing costs in both workforce requirements and materials.

While increasing your speed usually means using more machines and operators, a bulldozer with intelligent machine control remains accurate regardless of the running speed. The IMO allows you to significantly improve your process efficiency without losing any accuracy, or requiring any additional resources. One bulldozer and operator can complete work considerably quicker, enabling you to reduce your delivery times and take on more work.

An IMO dozer is not only accurate but very neat. The system enables you to perfect the grade first time, leaving an impressive finish. Gone are the days you think you’ve finished only to discover you’re a tenth out!

With the ability to grade two to three times more in a day, an IMO dozer can substantially reduce your costs. You don’t need to hire them for as long or pay the operators for as many hours - nor do those operators need to be particularly skilled or experienced to do a good job.

Having such accurate and speedy machinery at your disposal will also allow you to take on new contracts you would not previously have been able to complete, due to your former finishing capabilities.

Looking To Hire A Bulldozer With Intelligent Machine Control?

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