What Are The Different Types Of Bulldozer?

Dozers were originally tractors used by farmers for landscaping and ploughing their land. Over the years they have evolved to become more effective, more efficient, and to accommodate work in a variety of environments beyond agricultural settings. Bulldozers are now used everywhere from building sites, to roads, in mines and on engineering projects.

Despite their excellent versatility, bulldozers are primarily still tractors, with broad and heavy blades mounted to the front. The majority of dozers sport front-mounted scooping blades, although others are available. At the back, a dozer may have several different accessories that allow it to perform multiple functions. The most common is a ripper, which is much like a giant claw.

Different Types Of Dozer...

The main factors that differentiate bulldozers are weight, size, and horsepower. The particular type of dozer you need will depend on whether a job requires enhanced mobility and flexibility, or superior strength and the ability to move significant amounts of material.


Crawler bulldozers are used to push heavy materials, like sand, from one location to another. They look a great deal like tractors, although they are tracked, and so don’t have tires.

Larger models of crawler generally have rippers installed to the rear and can be used for breaking up or crushing hard surfaces. Their abrasive plate makes them well suited for fields and other areas that have irregular land. The large plate at the front of a crawler is used to move loads.

Wheel Bulldozers

Another common form of dozers are wheel bulldozers. These are considerably bigger than crawlers and are most often used in large construction projects. They are extremely efficient and offer significant benefits in terms of their high-performance, while their large, heavy tires allow for increased functionality.

The key distinction between crawlers and wheel dozers is that the latter can move and steer on a considerably smaller axis. This makes wheel dozers more manoeuvrable. A wheeled dozer also has the benefit of completely articulated hydraulic steering, which makes it very easy to operate and flexible to handle.

Types Of Bulldozer At Red Bull Equipment

We have a broad range of dozer models and lines available across our UK lots. We aim to stock a variety of extremely dependable bulldozers with the capabilities to be used on all size projects, from small to wide-scale.

The majority of our dozers are Caterpillar or Komatsu. We’re constantly updating our lines to ensure we always bring you the very best available on the market. With so many to choose from, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs and budget.

For Lighter Projects We Recommend: The D61 Komatsu

The D61 is an 18 tonne, 155 horsepower dozer perfect for lighter projects. Its smaller size allows the blade greater flexibility, making it ideal for handling careful grading and delicate angles.

For Large-Scale Or Heavy Duty Projects We Recommend: The D65 Komatsu

The D65 is a 22-tonne bulldozer boasting 205 horsepower. It has an incredibly strong bracing arm behind the blade, making it the perfect choice for moving heavy material over extended periods of time.

What Kind Of Bulldozer Should You Hire?

The specific dozer you should hire is the one best suited to your unique needs. Get in touch, we’re happy to discuss your project and find the perfect bulldozer to match.

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