Preloved: Saving Money with Used Plant Machinery

When you need to invest in expensive items, it is something of a truism that second hand means a little less shine for a lot less money. It is true of cars, computers and certainly of used plant machinery.

For larger firms, economies of scale may make new bulldozers, excavators and similar equipment the economic option. For some, operating procedure may rule out the pre-purchased. But for many construction and engineering firms, the opportunity to make tight budgets stretch further will make used plant machinery truly compelling.   

Making the Earth Move

Quality used plant machinery will still pack plenty of power even while costing considerably less.

Of course there are other issues to consider.

First it is important to know exactly what you, your business or your project needs, so research the different models and brands thoroughly. Buying a model that is either too powerful or not powerful enough will be both inconvenient and expensive: in the former case you have wasted money, in the latter case you face the costs of re-buying.

Don't forget online auction sites like eBay. You will find plenty of used plant machinery listed - from reputable dealers as well as individual vendors - and the prices requested and models offered will provide a rapid but reliable overview of the state  of the market.

It goes without saying that the more money at stake, the more caution you should apply, so ensure you are not being sold a lemon. Check the vehicle thoroughly - or have an expert do it for you.

Operating credentials

Of course if you have the necessary expertise - or at least access to the necessary expertise - to carry out your own repairs you will have access to even greater bargains. But do factor in the additional time and money required for such fixes, and the crucial importance of doing a thorough job.

You will need to ensure you have the necessary special insurance before buying used plant machinery and that you or your drivers hold a relevant commercial driver's license.

From Komatsu to Caterpillar

Red Bull Equipment is a good source of quality used plant machinery . Specialising in the Komatsu and Caterpillar brands, all our used stock is carefully checked by an independent company we can source a wide range of models not currently in stock.  

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