Cost of Hiring a Bulldozer

There are a lot of great advantages to hiring a dozer. If you only need the machine for short periods or seasonal work, it’s a lot more economical than buying (or leasing) a bulldozer. You may not need the same kind of bulldozer for every job, and renting allows you to always have the perfect machine to suit your needs.

If you’re planning on purchasing one in the future, renting is also a good first step in the process. It gives you the opportunity to try out different machines and find the one perfect for your needs before purchasing.

But how much does it cost and can the costs be outweighed by the potential gains?

Cost vs. Gains When Hiring A Bulldozer...

Renting a dozer is relatively painless when required for short periods. It’s considerably cheaper than leasing or buying your own machine.

When considering hiring a bulldozer, it’s important to weigh the cost against the many gains that come with a rented machine. From a simple cost perspective, the use of a good dozer will save you a considerable amount of money, due to the increased accuracy of your work. This offsets the cost of hiring it and makes it well worth the investment.

For example, if you remove too much top soil due to inaccurate work, you will need to use more lorries, workforce and resources than was expected or necessary. All those resources cost money. It also necessitates laying more material to ensure a smooth, even surface at the right level. Over the length of a whole road, or across a building site, that adds up to a lot of money wasted.

Accuracy is critical in building and construction work. The bottom line is that any mistakes will cost you a lot. Hiring a high-quality bulldozer - especially one with intelligent machine control (IMC) - negates these costs.


“We urge our customers to ask not ‘how much will hiring a bulldozer cost me?’ but rather, ‘how much will hiring a bulldozer save me?’. An intelligent dozer can be a powerful, cost-saving asset and here at Red Bull Equipment we specialise in intelligent machines.”

- Louis Gibbings, Director @ Red Bull Equipment

How The Seasons Affect The Cost of Hiring A Dozer...

As with any industry, supply and demand influence costs. This is true with dozer hire and plant hire in general, so when you make your enquiry can make a difference on how much you way.

If you were to enquire in the busy Spring season, for example, our machines would be in higher demand and prices will naturally be a little higher (though still very competitive industry wide). Likewise, a Winter hire request will often be slightly cheaper.

The other great variable in calculating the price will be how long you want the dozer for.  Longer projects necessitate a larger fee.

Save Money On Bulldozer Maintenance By Hiring...

When you rent your dozer, there are no maintenance costs to absorb. You don’t have to worry about servicing or repairing your bulldozer, or finding the right parts. There are no depreciation costs because you don’t own the machine.

Even better, there’s no need to store the machine when it’s not in use. You only rent it when you’re going to be using it.

When you hire a dozer, you can enjoy a perfectly maintained, high-quality machine without any of the nasty fringe costs associated with owning one.

The best part? The machine you rent will usually be fairly new, giving you the added benefit of all the latest technology.

Find Out Exactly How Much Hiring A Dozer Will Cost…

If you want to know exactly how much hiring a bulldozer will cost, get in touch. Give us a call direct or select from our range of machines and make a specific enquiry.

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