Laser Guided Bulldozers

Incredible Accuracy - Intelligent Machine Control

Our automated bulldozers from Komatsu use the Topcon 2D or 3D systems to improve the efficiency of bulldozing - regardless of driver experience. Intelligent Machine Control is the latest in dozer innovation and perfect for your next project. 


Why use Intelligent Machine Control (IMC)?

The fully automatic modes made possible by our Topcon systems make dozer operations greatly faster and more efficient. That means a shorter operation time for your project, helping you meet even tight project deadlines.

Not got a skilled dozer operator on the team? No problem - Intelligent Machine Control means complex excavations can be completed by drivers of any skill level.

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dozer hire with topcon


168 HP | Komatsu D61PXI-23
High-Precision Automatic Grading

The Komatsu D61PXI-23 with factory-installed Intelligent Machine Control. The 3D Global Navigation Satellite System and finish-grade performance enhanced sensor package allow rough dozing in automatic mode. High-level precision and productivity gains of up to 40% on conventional methods. Available for self-drive hire. 

Easy, Automatic & Effective
Flat planes & slopes
Accurate to <10mm

The Topcon 2D system is ideally suited to work on planes and slopes using an external point of reference (stringlinr, curb or laser). It uses one or more of the sensing technologies: slope, rotation, sonic or laser. Hire a 2D system with Red Bull Equipment and integrate with your dozer on a variety of Komatsu models.