3D GPS Dozer Hire

Bulldozers for UK self-drive hire with 3D GPS integrated

Experience unrivaled efficiency, accuracy and speed with the benefit of a 3D GPS grading system - ready integrated into our high-quality bulldozer hire range. Save time, money and fuel on every job - even complex curves and contours. 


Topcon 3D GPS Dozer Guidance

Red Bull offer a range of Komatsu bulldozers fitted with 3D GPS systems. Our Finish Grade Performance Enhanced Sensor package combined with intelligent logic combines to ensure an incredibly accurate grading with <20mm accuracy pre-compaction for most materials, without traditional blade-mounted sensors. 

Using a 3D system can drastically change the role your dozer plats on a typical job site, in some cases even replacing the need for a motor grader. Speed will increase as much of the tweaking usually required to be handled manually becomes automatic. 

More than that, the increased accuracy means fewer passes are required - reducing time, fuel and wear-and-tear costs. Check out our range for hire:

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